Enabling Higher Speed Storage Applications with SATA Express

 SATA Express Specification

- Defines connectors for host and for HDD-type form factor drives, e.g. 2.5-inch

- Connectors support PCIe or SATA


SATA Express Host

- Has SATA Express host connector

- Accepts 1 or 2 SATA drives or 1 PCIe drive with up to 2 lanes of PCIe

- Drive tells host if it is PCIe or SATA


SATA Express PCIe Drive (Up to 2GB/s)

- Has SATA Express device connector

- Supports 1 or 2 lanes of PCIe


SATA Drive (Up to 600MB/s)

- Has SATA device connector

- Plugs into SATA Express host connector


Host Controller Interface

- Can be AHCI or NVM Express

- Not part of SATA specification


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