SATA-IO Integrators Listing

The Integrators List (IL) is a database on the SATA-IO website which includes information about the components that have passed the Serial ATA Interoperability testing. The Integrators List contains component information and vendor contact information as a result of tests conducted at SATA-IO Interoperability Workshop or tests conducted by approved Independent Test Labs.

The following is a complete listing of the Feature Support Capabilities available for Interop testing. Products which have successfully completed testing in these areas are identified in the Feature Support category of the SATA-IO Integrators List.

The tables below are sorted by most recent Interop program revision first. To filter the list of SATA industry products, please select the appropriate search criteria from the menu(s) below.

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Made by: Jalink Technology Inc.
Contact: email
Date Listed: 3/28/2013
Model #: JCB-SA07A4H016(shot) / JCB-SA07A4H017(long)
Part #: NA
Test ID: 003010910
Interop Level 1.1