Eric Pickering

Marketing Work Group Chair

Eric has over 20 years of computer industry experience working with data storage starting with Sony Electronics with pre-IDE floppy disk drives and SCSI digital data storage, advanced intelligent tape, CD-ROM, write once, magneto optical and hard disk drives where he excelled in OEM customer tech support and as product engineer.

Throughout his career, Eric developed broad and deep experience working at Intel in several design and validation roles. He also worked at Agilent Technologies in test and measurement, at HP and HP contract manufacturing in process engineering. Early in his career he worked in marketing and operations at a family owned statewide business. Eric also leveraged his US Navy/Naval Reserve RF and electro-mechanical training and experience in his storage technology work. Eric earned his BSCS and MBA while working full-time in the tech industry.

Currently at Intel, Eric provides next generation IA core platform power optimization design and enabling for customer platforms; he was also the Intel 4th generation (Haswell) Client Application Engineer (CAE) for SATA hardware. He continues to contribute to OEM customer enabling collateral, training and power optimization debug tool development for the entire SoC ecosystem including all device end-points. Prior to CAE, he was a SATA validation engineer on Intel 3rd generation (Sandy Bridge) and Haswell projects. For Haswell, he optimized the physical layer and successfully passed SATA compliance testing for SATA-IO building blocks section. Eric currently is active in the SATA-IO Marketing working group.


Marketing Working Group purpose: The marketing team’s purpose is to define, promote and drive the benefits of Serial ATA technology and the SATA-IO organization to meet the needs of system builders, storage providers and component suppliers today.